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Hold your horses Voltaire! Actually I have read some Voltaire back in the day, but it gets a bit verbose. He brought in the naturalization of God and the Age of Reason, having slummed with Sir Isaac Newton in Britain.

Why do you have to be so glossy, Mr. Smith? when I got so used to pulp fiction....

You forgot to mention our search for Jim Morrison's grave and the freaky old hippies. Where are the old hippies' pic?

yeah, that's it! "age of reason" or some such. fuck, now i'll have to tell that joke right from now on.

glossy, eh. if you've got another half to the story, miss burge, be my guest. i wanted to link to your paris post (note: published 5 weeks ago, when these events actually happened), but you seem to have archived your euro material out of existence.

as for jimmy m, you have to check that 9 page photo album a bit more carefully, no? get with it.

it is a 7 page photo album. and, for the record, you posted the damn thing four times over.

NOW who is the fool?!

no longer will i suffer being mocked for my inadvertant, redundant posts.

don't pick on maria either.

thanks for mentioning my "copycat" blog though.

and, btw, voltaire is hilarious. candide is a laugh riot. you should read it!

my bad-but I thought you had a close-up pic. T-dawg is right, why are there 4 posts? I will put up my Paris version so you can link, 'kay?

Did you get sick or become anorexic upon returning to America? I can't seem to consume anything but vegan smoothies and water.

wow, good typepad service. last night they pooped out so i couldn't post at all, this morning they quad post to make up for it. i'll go do some housecleaning.

no, i've been eating a lot, actually. i switched back to a pseudo-vegan diet, too. i did get sick, though, but i think this all has to do with the cold environment more than anything else.

now that i've published a zillion words out into the internet void, i'm proud to say that GR is getting picked up pretty frequently by search engines. here are the most popular querries that will land you somewhere in GR territory:

prison jargon check off
beyond black rock
he sucked my
gemini tattoos
cold sores terri warren survive in air
white dots on tonsils
tonsils white dots

I just got a referral from a google search I haven't seen in a while (probably #7 on my "popular google searches that lead you to Bitter Greens" list)
"Fucking during periods"

other favorites in the top 10:
"depo made me bitchy"
"naked hot springs"
"JK Rowling book signing"

here are my latest new keywords:

smith tower penthouse photos seattle
clockwork milk bar copenhagen
work in lyon
new york:adventures in time and places
fourteen fuck
hsv theme song unknown artist
invented detachable shower head
gallo wines job opps
blast billiards v0. 2
kylian lappi inzoo
getting my freak on
doctors fucking patients

okay, i'll stop after this, but i just wanted to say that today i got "new york gay dudes pictures" from somebody staying at the Hampton Inn in Orlando, Florida.... this is the best day of my life!

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