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dude, happy to hear you're out of the country. if you need some hook ups in paris or barca, holler back in an email. enjoy your time there and eat for ME too. love to you and lulu. have fun ya bastard! :)

nice pictures man.. now i fucking know why EVERY SINGLE DOPE ARTIST IS FUCKING EUROPEAN. they just grow up around that shit. they are better by default, instead of us austin, texas cothron muthafuckas.

Howdy from hometown!

i like how all the pictures of you having gay sex were carefully subtracted from the photo-journal.

are french sailors shy? unphotogenic mayhap?

have fun in barthelona...

maricon, que pasa con mi pais favorito? cómo falto esos días del sol y del callejón fondo lujuria...besos.

French sailors are not as shy as random young gay Frenchman walking the streets of Marais, eh?

i'm glad you're having fun this time! it seems a bit easier the second time around. i wish i could have come with you to go exploring places like that. maybe someday soon.

also, post more.

lu is helping me write the barcelona post, but we didn't get it done in time before i had to go to italy - the land of no technology. (if you want proof, try to book a ticket on www.trenitalia.com. don't worry, the chance of accidentally/deliberately spending any real money is minimal.) anyway, i'll be home in a few days, and the posting will pick back up. i have some very nice photos to share.

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