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Holy cow that Vilette place looks awesome. Too bad the geodome in Montreal isn't covered anymore, cuz that Geode is spectacular.

Great travel log guys! Sounds like a ton of fun. Two things:

1) Napoleon didnt capture anywhere near 1200 cannon at the Battle of Austerlitz, it was more like 180. Not sure where the 1200 number comes from.

2) For the photo of the beach, you mentioned lots of hot topless chicks, but you didn't take any pictures of them. You did get a picture of a topless old lady. No nipple, but the nightmare enducing effect is the same.

Again, great photos, makes me suprememly jealous. Someday.

more cute pictures of lulu.

wheelbarrows only have one wheel, dumbass, not three.

good post though, otherwise.

karen, is that an imperitive or an observation?

tony, naked old ladies are hot. and i didn't take any photos of young naked spainards.

theron, your dumb.

randy, you've made me shit myself with anger. i know that you are baiting me with your clever use of the incorrect "your." nevertheless, it makes me want to fly to leon, or wherever, and punch you straight in the taint.

one sharp, quick jab is all i need.

you'll require 2, sir, the first to penetrate my taint guard that i acquired in the latest final fantasy game (augmented with a red gem {resistance to fire attacks}), the second to cause me enormous distress of taint pains.

Randy be da Bomb!

a post weekly or better? you're such a fucking liar. god.

no kidding! haha!

So what up Randy? Are you back in the game. I am waiting for the next Randy Smith Project

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